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From the Manufacturer Flip Video and Amazon.com encourage you to use the exclusive Pattern Generator at the Flip Video Online Store to make your own MinoHD. The Pattern Generator gives you full design control: you select your favorite pattern, theme, and colors, and the Generator will present your choices in an infinite number of possible designs. Play with various patterns and preview your designs before making your final selection. Because the Pattern Generator offers an unlimited number of designs, you’re guaranteed to make a MinoHD that’s as unique as you are. With your Flip MinoHD, you’ll make a statement before you ever press record. Visit the Flip Video Online Store to use the Pattern Generator or to learn more. At the Flip Video Online Store, you can also browse the Design Gallery to choose from thousands of professional designs or upload your own image to make a truly one-of-a-kind camcorder. Make a pattern that’s un (more…)

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