Flip UltraUD

  • Flip UltraHD has larger screen and it was much simpler to shoot. Even though it is bulkier, the Ultra felt more solid and sturdier , really it doesn’t fit well in the packaged microfiber case.
  • Ultra buttons are more clearly define your actions when using the camcorder.
  • Flip UltraHD’s additional features such as larger screen,HDMI output (HDMI supports both audio and video) and offcource longer battery life.
  • Replaceable batteries, and a re-chargeable one is included.
  • Extra 4GB of memory and swappable battery feature and the on the UltraHD.
  • It has HDMI port for connecting to your HD TV and USB port.
  • 120 minutes of storage (compared to 60 minutes on the MinoHD).
  • 720p resolution video at a reasonably high frame rate.
  • Excellent picture in indoor lighting and Fantastic picture in daylight.
  • Excellent video tracking (i.e. moves well from left to right without losing a bunch of frames).

Flip MinoHD

  • The  Flip Mino is very sleek ,thinner and overall sexier. It can fit just into your pocket and can easily carry everywhere.
  • The Mino has no problem with USB extension.
  • The camera has a 1.5 inch screen that is vibrant but small. There is a nice quality built in microphone. Operation is dead simple. Turn it on and push the large red button to start record and then press it again to stop.
  • If you really want a simple to use, fantastic quality HD camcorder, with very simple to use software, then buy this.

Final Verdict

The quality of the videos in these 2 flip cameras are about the same, but, the colors appear to be slightly more vibrant with the UltraHD.

zoom is extremely limited in both cameras.

Fantastic video capture in both the cameras.

Fantastic internal software (although it works much better with PCs than Macs).

Simple to use and very simple devices to learn.

The UltraHD is a fantastic camera for families going on vacation. While it is larger than the MinoHD it does offer 120 minutes of video storage. But, if your goal is to have a highly portable camera for spur of the moment videos you may want to choose the MinoHD since it is lighter and more portable.

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